Unfolding the Mystery: When Will HONOR’s First Flip Phone Hit the Market

Unfolding the Mystery: When Will HONOR's First Flip Phone Hit the Market

BEIJING — The race is on for the top smartphone spots at JD.com, a popular Chinese e-commerce platform, with the Honor Magic V2 foldable and Apple iPhone models duking it out in the “hot sales” rankings this week. Honor’s newly minted Magic V2 foldable gadget holds the crown for being one of the thinnest, lightest, and most wallet-friendly devices on the market.

Samsung’s Flip lineup has yet to see a formidable competitor, but if Honor’s MEA President, Daniel Wang’s, words to Reframed are anything to go by, this landscape might soon witness a dramatic shift.Honor, once part of Huawei, introduced its Magic V2 on July 12 at a base price of 8,999 yuan ($1,245). The phone officially hit the market last Thursday, but a surge in pre-sale interest has caused new order delivery dates to be postponed until mid-September, as per the app of JD.com, a preferred platform for tech purchases in China.

The cutting-edge foldable from Honor, when closed, is nearly as slim as an iPhone—measuring 9.9 millimeters compared to the 14’s 7.85 millimeters, without a cover. This implies that the Magic V2’s thickness is approximately three-eighths of an inch when folded.

 Honor Magic V2 foldable

Crucially, the foldable device strikes a delicate balance between slimness and a “decent battery life,” says Ethan Qi, Associate Director at Counterpoint Research. He states that the device’s major selling points include its thinnest-ever body (9.9mm) in the industry and lightest weight (231g).

According to Honor, the battery of the Magic V2, which is merely 2.72 millimeters thick, can power up to 14 hours of video playback on the phone’s expansive unfolded display.

Qi mentioned that the robust pre-sale numbers for the Magic V2 in China are encouraging and demonstrate the resilience of the premium segment, which signals promising prospects for foldables in the nation. He says, “Although the premium sector is not huge, it’s the one every brand is vying for.”

Honor Magic V2 foldable

Image by honor official website

Competition is ramping up. Samsung is gearing up to unveil its “leaner and lighter” foldables at an event on July 26, as teased in a blog post. The tech giant is also publicizing its “Join the Flip Side” launch event livestream in China.

Currently, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 retails at 10,999 yuan on JD.com, while its Galaxy Z Flip3, designed like a flip phone, is priced at 4,699 yuan.

Other tech giants such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo also offer foldable phones in China, within a similar premium price bracket.

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