Unveiling the Secrets: What We Know So Far About Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Are you aware that our perception of time is on the brink of a monumental transformation? If you’re someone who’s into gadgets, then prepare to be amazed. The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series is on the cusp of hitting the market in the next few weeks. At this point, you might be wondering, “Why should this matter to me?” Allow me to break it down for you.

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Breaking News: Galaxy Watch 6’s Faster Exynos W930 Chip Revealed

Samsung is gearing up for the roll-out of a novel chip for its forthcoming Wear OS timepiece, the Galaxy Watch 6, which sees an early sneak-peek of the Exynos W930 chipset.

As featured on the Bluetooth SIG, the governing panel for all Bluetooth-outfitted commodities, the Exynos labelled “S5E5515” has emerged. The listing further validates the introduction of the Exynos W930, marking it as a successor to the Exynos W920 that was incorporated in the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5.

The new chipset, Exynos W930, was previously speculated to be tagged as the “W980,” and it’s anticipated to ramp up the performance by approximately 10% for the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Watch 6 lineup.

This listing was initially caught by SamMobile, pointing out that the new chip will pair up with Bluetooth 5.3, a feature that was also seen in the Galaxy Watch 5 released in the previous year. This strengthens the speculation that W930 is essentially an updated version of the W920. Interestingly, both chipsets share the model number S5E5515.

The Exynos S5E5515 is designed to integrate with a matching RF chip to establish a comprehensive BT and Wi-Fi solution that supports Bluetooth 5.3.

Samsung is likely to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 and its classic version, the Watch 6 Classic, in July. This launch is set to occur alongside its fresh line of foldable devices. Notably, the Classic variant brings back the company’s signature rotating bezel controls.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 release date and price

Conventionally, Samsung uncovers the latest versions of Galaxy Watches during its signature Unpacked happenings, traditionally staged in the brisk months of February and the sizzling heat of August. Nonetheless, a now-erased leaky press statement has spilled the beans – this year’s sunny Samsung Unpacked 2023 has been slated for the Wednesday falling on July 26. To get clued in on how to be part of Samsung Unpacked, click on our step-by-step guide.

The slip-up in the form of the leaked press release shed light on Samsung’s “upcoming foldable generation”, likely the contenders – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. Yet, it was curiously silent about the watch. It does make us ponder, though, the Unpacked gathering could possibly be the ideal platform to take the wraps off the Watch 6 series.

Galaxy Watches typically join a grand parade of top-tier reveals, and this year doesn’t seem to veer off that path – we’re betting on witnessing the Galaxy Tab S9 rubbing shoulders with the new watches and foldable at the Unpacked July 2023 event.

As for the price tag, the rumor mill has been unusually quiet about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 thus far. However, we can glean some insights from the previous models. Samsung had set the Galaxy Watch 5’s price point at $279 / £299 / AU$499 and priced the high-end Galaxy Watch 5 Pro at $499 / £429 / AU$799. Interestingly, Samsung hiked the cost of the S23 in comparison to the S23 in some markets, with UK customers seeing an increase of £80 for the basic S23 model and £100 for the S23 Plus. However, the prices remained status quo for the US.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 colors, bands, design, and sizes

When it comes to the design facet, the Galaxy Watch 5 didn’t exactly shake things up for the Galaxy Watch series. Our in-house critic felt a sense of familiarity when unpacking the device during his review of the Galaxy Watch 5. But let’s not mistake that for disappointment – these timepieces exhibit a chic look, stunning AMOLED screens, and boast awe-inspiring features. Given this triumph in design, it’s reasonable to anticipate that Samsung will stick to the tried-and-true formula in their next release.

Sneak a peek at the anticipated design of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6, with leaked images available below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 release date and price

From the looks of it, Samsung may surprise us this year with a Classic version. And guess what? We’ve also managed to get our hands on some speculative designs for it. Intriguingly, the Classic model appears to bring back the spinning bezel functionality that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro missed out on. The big question is whether this watch will pack all the punch of the Watch 5 Pro or whether it’s designed to bridge the gap between the Pro and the standard Galaxy Watch 6.

Consistent with what we’ve previously reported, Samsung’s smart timepieces secured Google Play certification back in early July. To add to the speculation, 9to5Google noted the certified devices listed as “Galaxy Watch 6” and “Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.” The Watch 6 models were labeled SM-R930 (40mm) and SM-R940 (44mm), whereas the Classic versions had model numbers SM-R950 (43mm) and SM-R960 (47mm).

What about a Pro version, you ask? Well, we’re not placing our bets on that one. There hasn’t been much gossip about a potential Pro model, and it seems more likely that Samsung will stick to a dual-model strategy, focusing on the 6 and the 6 Classic.

Is the future of the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro uncertain? That’s our take on it. Preliminary design visuals provided by WinFuture seem to affirm the existence of two distinct hues for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, with the Galaxy Watch 6 presenting three unique shades. The palette for the Galaxy Watch 6 appears to consist of Black, Cream, and Silver. Conversely, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is expected to be available in Black and Silver variations.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 specs

In the heat of July, the renowned tech whistleblower, SnoopyTech, unveiled what seems like a comprehensive spec list for both the Galaxy Watch 6 and its high-end sibling, the Watch 6 Classic.

 During the early days of May, Samsung shed light on a series of enticing features set to premiere on their Galaxy Watch 6. These advancements will be incorporated into One UI 5 Watch, an updated rendition of the interface, built on Wear OS 4.

Among the key updates, the one stealing the spotlight is a sleep tracking feature akin to what Fitbit offers. With a numerical score expressed in words and an adorable animal icon, this new sleep-monitoring platform gives you an intimate glance at your sleep patterns. It even dishes out recommendations on refining your sleep routines. Contrary to Fitbit, this feature won’t be tucked behind a subscription model.

As of now, there is sparse information on how the tracking features will evolve in the successor. In terms of sensors, we can expect the continuation of an accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, and Samsung’s proprietary BioActive sensor package (including optical heart rate (PPG), electrocardiogram (ECG), and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)). Samsung has reassured that the temperature sensor will continue to be a part of the “forthcoming Galaxy Watch models” and will come equipped with more intelligence. For instance, a new application named Thermo Check, capable of gauging the temperature of nearby objects, has been announced.

A convenient feature that is certain to arrive is a clever method of transferring your watch from one smartphone to another.

Our examination of the current series found its fitness tracking and GPS features to be quite trustworthy. Accompanying the new One UI 5 Watch are fitness heart rate zones that provide in-depth real-time training insights. These zones, labeled as “warm up,” “fat burn,” “cardio,” etc., aim to enhance your workouts. Samsung is also refining its fall detection system to ensure safer workouts and travels. In case this feature gets activated, users can directly reach out to emergency services.

Recently, Samsung introduced notifications for irregular heart rhythms for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. So, logically, this feature should also grace the Galaxy Watch 6 upon its launch. This is a crucial feature for those dealing with heart issues, as any irregularities in rhythm can be a potential sign of atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Another innovation that’s confirmed to be in the pipeline is a novel method of switching your watch from one phone to another. Previously, this required a complete reset of the watch, but thanks to One UI 5 Watch, this tedious step can be avoided. Hence, if you get yourself a Galaxy Watch 6 and then decide to upgrade to Galaxy S24 next year, there won’t be a need to reset your watch during the transition.

The Pro variant introduced a slew of navigational features catering to the outdoor aficionados, drawing comparisons to what you might find on a Garmin device. These tools are expected to remain in the future models as well. It’s still undecided if these features will trickle down to the base or Classic versions of the Series 6 lineup.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 battery

Insights from GalaxyClub hint at a possible increment in the battery capacity of the forthcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series. This scoop was found from certifications that the smartwatches obtained in Samsung’s birthplace, South Korea. The tiniest Galaxy Watch 6 model might feature a 40mm chassis housing a 300mAh battery, representing a tiny jump from the 284mAh battery in the 40mm Galaxy Watch 5. Furthermore, the larger 44m Galaxy Watch 6 is anticipated to be powered by a 425mAh battery, marking a small step up from the 410mAh battery of the 44mm Galaxy Watch 5. Albeit small, these enhancements are nonetheless appreciated.

The leak from SnoopyTech suggests that similar improvements will be seen in the Classic model as well. Pairing these modest battery augmentations with the prospective new processor and additional software refinements, the battery endurance should witness a considerable improvement this year. The million-dollar question is whether the watch will endure an entire day of usage and continue tracking your sleep till morning? Only time can provide the answer to that.

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